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Garstang is a pleasant small market town about 10 miles north of Preston. It has a narrow main street with several small local shops including a couple of art shops, a small local artist gallery, jewellers, clothing, car maintenance, health food shop, pet food, newsagents, banks, cafes, pubs and restaurants. There are also 2 largish supermarkets: Booths and Sainsbury's. The main street has a market building and there is a street market every Thursday.


There are 2 main car parks. The one near the river can be the base for several decent walks into the country along the river or along the Lancaster Canal. It can also be used just to feed the ducks or take a short stroll by the river.

Garstang Deli, opposite the market cross, is recommended for a snack.


Just south of Garstang is the ruin of Greenhagh Castle. This was built by Thomas Stanley in 1490 and later ruined by Cromwell when Stanley supported Bonnie Prince Charlie. Thomas Stanley is more known in 2013 after being featured in the BBC historical dramatisation The White Queen where he marries Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII.

There are several spots of good bluebell scenery in the area. The woodland near the main railway line is one and Calder Vale is another.

Garstang Main Street


Garstang Tithe Barn pub

Garstang canal

Garstang Show

Greenhalgh Castle, Garstang. 1490

Greenhalgh Castle, Garstang

Bluebells near Garstang



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