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This web site began in 2001 with the objective of telling the story of the aircraft industry in Preston. However after starting it became obvious that there are other things of interest that could be put on the site including those from the area around Preston. Very importantly, Leyland. I don't know where it will end but the journey has been interesting so far.

There are a lot more ideas but finding time is difficult. Sometimes unusual topics appear; for example looking for information about St Walburgs spire a site covering holy wells in Preston was found, this was completely new to me and I couldn't resist summarising it.

There are other good personally produced web-sites about Preston and the area. In particular the;

Preston Docks site

Preston Cinema site

Winckley Square

Leyland Historical Society.

The Leyland Society

There are plenty of others that are created by organisations including; This is Preston, Harris Museum etc all shown on the links page.

About the author. I'd rather remain anonymous but if you wish to contact me I'll nearly always reply. Messages about slimming pills or money laundering will not be answered. I was born just outside Preston and lived there for 30 years until moving close to Blackpool over 20 years ago. From leaving school to retiring was spent in the aircraft industry so aircraft are my main subject although engineering / technology in general are an interest.

Thanks for looking. If any information is inaccurate or you take exception to it please let me know so that it can be changed if necessary.

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