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Ecos Organic Paints


Ecos Organic Paints are organic, solvent free products made in Heysham, Lancashire which is about 25 miles north of Preston. There is a full range of emulsions, gloss, varnish etc along with several special paints like insulating and feng-shui. The company is based in Heysham near Morecambe and sells by mail order, website or phone.

We have used the paint in several rooms and it is quite odour free, applies easily and has lasted well. Find out more on their website linked below.


Leyland Paints


Leyland paints, formerly independent and with a large factory in Leyland.


It was taken over in 1985 by Kalon who had formerly been the Silver Paint and Lacquer Co. owned by Leslie Silver. There have been many mergers and acquisitions. The company is now part of PPG Industries and the paint is manufactured in Yorkshire.

They have an interesting webpage about the company's history:


'The brands’ success increased over the years as the business grew from the original site in Leyland; Lancashire with a modest workforce of 24 to over 1,000 employees by the mid 60’s by which time there was a national network of 80 retail outlets and various factories across South Africa supporting the exporting arm of the company. It was around this time when Leyland became a listed company.'

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