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Miller Park, Preston

Below is a photo of Miller Park in Preston, 11th February 2019.

If you're on the railway station with an hour to spare walk through the car park next to the station. Turn right at the south east corner and follow the road. Come out at a small entrance, overlooking the park. Walk to the river. Turn left under the railway bridge to Avenham Park. Cafe first left. Carry on up the hill and walk through the Japanese Garden to the left. At the other side go under the bridge and end up where you started. Climb up back to the road and on to the railway station.

Miller Park, Preston


Avenham Park, Preston


Below is a photo of the the cafe and Japanese Garden on Avenham Park, September 2017:

Avenham Park, Preston




Miller Park

South - Miller Park - ornamental park next to the River Ribble.

South - Avenham Park - natural bowl with large rock garden next to the River Ribble and Miller Park.

East - Moor Park - large open area with observatory, next to Preston North End.

North West - Haslam Park - open area with trees next to Lancaster Canal.

North West - Ashton Park - large open area next to Docklands.

Other parks; Ribbleton, Grange.

Tatton Park RHS Show 2014 Local Authority displays - Preston Gold Medal Winners

Preston Council won a Gold Medal in their return to the show after a gap of 5 years. Their display 'Lazy Days' - instead of working at the treacle well, one of Ken Dodd's diddy men is under the rug in the picnic basket, idling away the time among the sites and sounds of summer.

Preston Council Gold Medal display at RHS Tatton 2014

Photo of one of the display gardeners, well done.

Preston Council Gold Medal display at RHS Tatton 2014

Lytham won a Silver Gilt with the display below titled 'Between Tides'. The last full time traditional Lytham shrimp fisherman is taking a break between tides along the Lytham estuary. While Russell Wignall delivers the catch to his customers on his bike.


Lytham won a Silver Gilt Medal at Tatton RHS Show 2014

See more RHS Tatton in food.

Tatton Park RHS Show 2007 Local Authority displays - Preston Gold Medal winners

Wallace and Gromit display at Tatton Park RHS show 2007

Preston Park Gardeners, Gold Medal winners at Tatton Park RHS Show 2007.

Wallace and Gromit display - Nick Park was born near Preston.

This display was the most popular based on the number of people standing round it. Although other municipalities had also put on great displays, including Blackburn, Lancaster, Bury.

Gold Medal and description of flower bed

Link to Preston Parks Department webpage

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