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This potential project of £800m will include houses, shops and offices and make use of the River Ribble as a feature, including a promenade and weir. A central park area will stretch along the riverbanks.

Most of the development appears to be in South Ribble. The dynamics of the river are interesting; flooding, constraining flow, reducing the tidal length and slowing the flow of the river at the weir.

The greenbelt in that area has a classic view from Avenham Park with the Old Tram Road and ex-East Lancs Railway line converging towards Vernons Mill.

It is true that the river isn't used to best advantage and some of the river bank areas leave something to be desired. If the project is well done it could create an attractive area in a sort of here is another one way. Once these projects get a momentum will its aspirations be realised, it could become another stretch of suburbia.

Doesn't sound a particularly good idea. Protect the Green Belt and the countryside on your doorstep. Don't build too much on the flood plain.

Preston councils view: Click here. The opponents view: Click here.

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