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A person from Preston is called a Prestonian (pronounced press - tone - e - an. Not sure if a Prestonian needs to be born, live or be strongly attached to the city. Ideally born and resident probably but born will do. Living there for a long time maybe. Strongly attached, probably, if resident. Although thinking you are a Prestonian will probably be good enough for most.

There are 23 places called Preston in the world.

There are 13 places called Preston in North America.

The name Preston is derived from an Anglo Saxon term 'Priests Farm'.

The patron saint of Preston is St Wilfrid.

The lamb on the coat of arms is not St Wilfrid's lamb

PP means Princeps Pacis or prince of peace.

Preston, in 2001, had 47,064 employees and 5,751 self-employed out of its population aged 16-74.

One Preston is the ancestral home to some 8,000 Nova Scotians who happen to be of African Descent.

A Preston is named after James Patton Preston, Virginia Governor, 1816-19.

Purston is a corruption of Preston meaning the priest's settlement.

Preston Hall at Preston on Tees was built in 1825 by David Burton Fowler.

Preston Love was just 22 when he got his big break with the Count Basie Orchestra.

One of the most notable towns in Sonoma County history is Preston. Situated just a mile or so north of Cloverdale, California and off of Geysers Road, Preston was the gateway to yesterday's historical Geysers. Known for it's quality mineral water, which Madam Preston used in her treatment of many patients who came to her infirmaries.

Sidney Preston Osborn, Governor of Arizona - 1941-1948 . Only governor ever elected to four consecutive terms. In his sixth grade school books, he wrote "Sidney P. Osborn, Governor of Arizona." Career Politician. Died in office from Lou Gehrig's Disease.

The plant Maust wants to build in Preston would be about the same size as the bigger of the two existing plants. It would produce enough electricity to supply up to 20,000 homes. And it would consume 10 million tires a year.

Tolquhon Castle. Impressive, pink sandstone castle ruins, set in wooded glen. Large quadrangular mansion, built by William Forbes adjoins keep, dating from 15th century, called Preston Tower. Two round towers with grated windows stand beside remains of gate-house with ornate gunports.

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