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Sir Tom Finney Way, Preston, PR1 6RU

routes to Deepdale
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The ground is, you guessed, on the north end of Preston, in Deepdale. Near the intersection of Blackpool Road and Deepdale Road now called Sir Tom Finney Way.


From the motorway it's very easy. M6 junction 31 is quite good although Junction 31a (northbound only) also signposts you to the ground. If you're travelling from Blackpool or the north then M6 junction 32 or M55 junction 1 is best.

If you get the train then you've got a 1.6 mile walk but can make it simple by using only 2 straight roads. Although if you're in a large group the police will probably take you on another route, they sometimes have horsemounted police in the shopping area, even if there is no match.

The railway station has 2 exits. Both lead you onto the main shopping street, Fishergate. Turn right and go straight along here for a mile till you reach the prison. The prison is on the other side of a dual carriageway.

On this walk within the shopping area there are all the usual food outlets. Further up past the big church (now a minster) on the right are a few pubs although they look a bit worse for wear.

If you cross the dual carriageway and reach the prison you will see a pub across the road and this is Deepdale Road.

The ground is along Deepdale Road / Sir Tom Finney Way and is about half a mile away.

There is a statue of Tom Finney, Preston's favourite player, in front of it. The statue is called "Splash!" and is from a famous photo taken at Stamford Bridge.

Directions, Pubs & Food

To keep it up to date we are now pointing you to the website Football Ground Guide which contains all the information we had and more (some of it was very, very similar to what we had).

Other Places Of Interest,

This bit remaining from the 2000 Crystal Palace guide:

You are only 20 minutes or so by car from Blackpool which is not Britain's premier seaside resort for nothing. So why not make a weekend of it. If you're feeling brave than why not get on the UK's largest and fastest roller coaster, 'The Big One' at the Pleasure Beach. Only one word of caution, look at the other fixtures going on, on the same day in Manchester/ Bolton/ Blackburn/ Preston etc... as your game. Simply because other away supporters attending these games will also be probably be heading to Blackpool after the game as well. So if there is a particular group of supporters from a club who you would rather avoid - then bear it in mind!

See you at Deepdale!! End of Crystal Palace words.



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