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Coventry Transport Museum and Cathedral

Visit in June 2013.


The museum is a 70's style building in the middle of Coventry within walking distance of the Cathedral.


Several car parks are suggested. We parked next to the ring road in the Belgrade Plaza car park which was very tidy. Walked to the museum on a fairly wet day.

Coffee at the museum coffee shop which isn't bad and is quite big although seemed a bit tired.


Coventry Transport Museum

Coventry has a big history of engineering that includes aircraft, cars, motorcycles, lorries, buses, tractors and cycles.

The museum features a large display called 'Ghost town?'. A depressing story of the loss of manufacturing. Throat cutting conflict to the death between management and union leaders it seems.

The museum has a large stock of vehicles, too many to show at once. A great display well worth a visit.


Fire Engines in the entrance that were used in factories in Coventry


Maudslay Bus

Coventry car makers: Humber, Rover, Hillman, Standard, Jaguar, London Taxi.

Manufacturing in the war

Maudslay Truck

World Land Speed Record - Thrust 2

World Land Speed Record - Thrust SSC

Motorcycles. The most famous from Coventry were Triumph and Rudge.


Racing Cars, Coventry Climax engine.


Coventry Cathedral

We joined a guided tour and were given a long talk as we toured the cathedral. A bit too long actually.


Coventry Old Cathedral ruin

Coventry Cathedral

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