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This is a hobby website and has no paid for content or creates any income of any kind. Most of the content is from the author.

The website was started in 2002 and originally was meant to be about manufacturing but interests get wider so it's got middle age spread.

If anyone finds something they would like to add, improve or remove please let me know. I don't mind promoting certain charitable things in Preston and the surrounding area without any obligation or payment. There is no money involved in this site.

The site has been here a lot longer than the 'Made in.......' craze brought on by the TV show some time ago now..


The author does several other websites and there is a Facebook and Twitter feed for every one.

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During January to March 2016 the website has been tidied up and made more compatible with mobile sized screens. There are over 220 pages and it turned into quite a job.

It's now 2020 and thoughts are on a complete refresh of the look. Some of the content isn't current but it's good to look back.


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