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The dreaming spires of Preston

The dreaming spires of Preston

St Walburge's Preston

Just 10 miles north of Preston is good walking country.

Walking country around Preston

Just 12 miles west of Preston is more beach than you can handle.

St Anne's on the Sea beach at low tide


Preston Council Parks department win gold at RHS Tatton 2014. Read more in parks. Nick Park was born near Preston so Wallace is the theme.

Preston win Gold at RHS Tatton 2014

Recently refound: 50 years ago PNE were Wembley bound and here's my FA Cup semi-final ticket. Thought lost but found inside a book in 2014.
PNEvSwansea FA Cup semi-final 1964

Another ticket found tucked into an old book in November 2014. We sat quite close but didn't realise how close at the Beatles concert in Preston 1963.

Beatles ticket from 1963

Sir Tom Finney 5th April 1922 to 14th February 2014. Preston's favourite son. A gentleman and football great.

Civic Funeral 1pm, 27th February 2014.

Obituary on the BBC :


Our funeral report - click here


SirTom Finney funeral


Photo: these Blackpool trams were made in Preston by English Electric Ltd. On Heritage Tram duty Easter 2013. They were there again Easter 2014 when the theme was 'English Electric at Easter'. This marks 80 years since the trams were built in Preston and delivered to Blackpool. Known as 'Streamliners' the design was innovative and the form still regarded as iconic.

Blackpool trams made in Preston


New Rail Service at Preston December 2013

First Trans-Pennine Express started a new service using electric trains between Scotland and Manchester, through Preston, via Wigan from the 30th December 2013.

These trains are class 350 operated around London on shorter routes. New electrification of the Manchester to Wigan line means these can replace most of the diesel service to Scotland that currently operates via Bolton and Chorley to Manchester. This also releases extra trainsets to increase train length on other services such as Blackpool - Manchester Airport. The company says the new timetable in May 2014 will have a significant increase in capacity.

Here is a company video of a promotion journey of the first delivered trainset on a journey between Preston and Manchester on 12th December. Released on 23rd December 2013 containing shots taken at Preston station.


To electrify the route between Manchester, Bolton, Preston and Blackpool is around 4 years for the 50miles. Complete: December 2016.

Sometimes things appeal to your sense of humour. So well done to:

of Preston Indoor Market. Note this is shown only because it's amusing. There is nothing on this website that is paid for.


Solstice and Equinox: Sunrise, Sunset Preston

December 21st, Sunrise 08.26am, Sunset 15.52pm. Solstice 17.11pm.

March 20th 2014, Sunrise 06.14am, Sunset 18.24pm. Equinox 16.57pm.

June 21st 2014, Sunrise 04.40am, Sunset 21.46pm. Solstice 11.51am.

September 23rd 2014, Sunrise 06.58am, Sunset 19.07pm. Equinox 03.29am.


February 1st 2014, Sunrise 07.57am, Sunset 16.52pm.

Daylight saving Sunday 30th March to 26th October 2014.


My Great Aunt hard at work in the Motor Taxation office, Preston, in 1927:

Preston Motor Taxation 1927


Avenham Park on a sunny 15th October 2013. Close to the main shopping area and a nice walk before a very interesting guided tour of the Masterstrokes Exhibition at the Harris Art Gallery.

Avenham Park


A pigeon in flight by Preston Cenotaph. Newly cleaned in August 2013 in time for 100yrs since the first world war.

Preston Cenotaph newly cleaned August 2013


This Pickfords Heavy lifter was made in Preston in 1964 and recently restored, well done. Atkinson's Vehicles. On display at Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2013.


Atkinsons Vehicles, Pickfords Heavy Lifter, was Made in Preston


Great Past - Big Questions on the future

Around the early 19th Century entrepreneurial industrial activity grew extra-ordinarily. Preston developed a wide industrial base of cotton, light engineering and modern engineering in electrical motors and aircraft. In those days British was usually best and very competitive, and the Empire was a tied market and provided resources.

This largely held its own up the 1950s. Then a new post war order opened world trade and old methods and attitudes competed openly with new methods and new attitudes overseas and caused decline. This accelerated until competitive manufacturing was only possible in protected and advanced technology such as defence and niche markets. Call centres, services and shops took over as the main employers and Britain's income came from North Sea Oil, Financial Services, advanced technology and pharmaceuticals.

It was a double whammy as both the home market and markets overseas no longer wanted or could afford most of our engineered goods.

We now have a question about where we are heading and how the mass of the population will be employed.

Post Empire, post industrial, we are moving to uncharted land. Nothing is guaranteed, nothing is owed, the world is changing. It seems job creators need a big helping hand.

One expectation is that as Asia becomes more wealthy we will take back manufacturing jobs, although it is likely that resource competition won't be comfortable. The days of cheap goods may be short. Just as cheap fuel is disappearing.

Modern society has big expectations and nearly all of them reduce competitiveness. We want more healthcare, welfare, big pensions, early retirement and school until 20. The workers are getting fewer and supporting more non-workers and services, something may have to give.

Over the horizon may be a technological breakthrough or a transformation of society but we shouldn't count on it. Hard work and positive attitude are always helpful.

One solution is to sell off the family jewels: Heritage for sale for a pittance

Disappointing that Preston Council is auctioning an element of its inheritance for a pittance in council terms. But, as luck would have it, on Friday 13th December the auction was ended with no bids.

Preston had its own vehicle registration suffix numbers CK and RN until the new numbering system came out. Perhaps the past is bunk to some, like to some football is 22 blokes kicking a bit of rubber, but it is part of the history of Preston.

Can it be that things are worse now than they've been for 80 years. It seems strange that we've been through war, oil blockades, mass strikes, several recessions and never had to sell them.

The registration number CCK1 is on the mayors car. Wonder where CK1 is?

Preston symbolic registration number CCK1 to be sold.

Photo of Miller Park - Preston Guild 2012 Vintage Weekend:

Preston Guild - Vintage Weekend - Miller Park


The website is great, have you read the Made in Preston blog. Usually updated at least twice a month. Our other blog The North Westerly contains 'off topic' topics usually a bit tongue in cheek.

If You Wish to Visit Preston, what to see, if you're a bit older, largely based on things liked by the writer. We don't do nightlife.

Harris Museum & Art Gallery for art and culture. Plus the Flag Market Square, Cenotaph and Town Hall buildings. Don't miss Miller Arcade.

Guild Hall & Charter Theatre for theatre, music and comedy and good Tourist Information shop.

Bus Station, under threat, for 20th Century outsized brutalism.

Look at the Victorian Covered Market roof.

Fishergate, Friargate, St Georges and Fishergate Malls, Miller Arcade for shopping.

Winckley Square area for Georgian sunken square. Winckley Street and Winckleys Cafe.

Miller and Avenham Parks and the River bridges.

St John's Minster and look at Arkwright House

Look at St Walburgs steeple.

Railway Station.

Museum of Lancashire

Deepdale for Preston North End football.

Deepdale Retail Centre - not so big.

Ribble Steam Railway, museum and workshop plus running steam train.

Wander round the docks, see the Bull Nose and view nearby car park..

Fulwood Barracks Queens Lancashire Regiment Museum.


South: Leyland - British Commercial Vehicle Museum.

East: Brockholes Lancashire Wildlife Trust Centre and Reserve.

Samlesbury Hall.

Hoghton Towers.


North: Garstang main street and Millenium Walk and beyond, plus the Garstang Deli.

Barton Grange Garden Centre, quality.

Lancaster Canal and Guys Hamlet & Eating Establishment.

West: Lytham main street, heritage centre and walk on promenade.

Fairhaven Lake, RSPB centre, Ribble estuary, and walk to Lytham.

South West: Martin Mere Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust Reserve.


Design Flair:

These companies showed flair for exceptional design - the streamline tram, the rear engined Atlantean bus, the Canberra bomber that flew like a fighter and wowed the USAF in 1949. Thousands of apprentices and designers educated at the Harris Technical College, now the University of Central Lancashire.

Tornado F3 Air Defence Variant at the RAF Museum Hendon. The lengthened UK version carries more fuel, more powerful engines, 4 medium range air to air missiles and air intercept radar, high technology, all developed by British manufacturers and delivered from Warton:

RAF Tornado F3 at RAF Museum Hendon


There is an interesting history with human evidence from 12,000BC, Bronze Age, Roman, Viking, Norman, plague, battles with Scots and Civil War, leading to the forefront of the industrial revolution. Continuous celebration of the Guild Merchant every 20 years inspiring the saying for a rare event: 'as often as Preston Guild'. Read about the 2012 Preston Guild starting lower down the page. See our Harris Museum page and the Discover Preston gallery.


2013. Preston Council are planning significant controversial changes to the face of Preston in the name of cuts. Lancashire Council are planning improved road and rail routes. A City Deal for the area of Preston, South Ribble and Chorley is being put into place. Work is proceeding on electrifying the rail between Manchester and Blackpool, but completion is a few years away. New Enterprise Zones are being established in the area.

Photo of the elegant art deco style Lancastria Building condemned by Preston Council in December 2012:

Lancastria Building condemned by Preston Council Dec 2012

Preston Bus Station was condemned by Preston Council in 2012 but after listing by English Heritage it has been sold to Lancashire County Council for �1. Funding packages are being put together to refurbish it.

Preston Bus Station


Preston Guild 2012


Preston Guild 2012

Preston Guild - I was there. New Page Saturday 1st September 2012 Trade Procession and Thursday 6th Sept.


2012 was the year of Preston Guild. Let's not forget the Olympics, Para-Olympics, Queens Jubilee. An English Premier League club won the European Champions Cup, British cyclist won the Tour de France and a British tennis player won a grand slam.



Over 99% of the photos and text on this site are owned by the writer. There is no official registration system for copyright. It's an automatic right in the UK for original work. Good manners usually go a long way when using other peoples work.



26th October 1962 - Beatles play at the Public Hall

13th September 1963 - Beatles play at the Public Hall

23rd November 1971 - Led Zeppelin play at the Public Hall

1989 Preston Public Hall knocked down leaving the front which is now the Corn Exchange pub.


Preston Public Hall facade, the hall was knocked down in 1989.


What would you hear at a Beatles concert in September 1963.

Please Please Me - Jan-63 - UK�
From Me To You - Apr-63�
Twist And Shout E.P. - Jul-63�
She Loves You - Aug-63�

Beatles, Please Please Me.


With the Beatles - Dec 63

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