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Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2014, July 20th

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Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours put on a heritage tram service up to Fisherman's Walk while a static display was at Fleetwood Ferry.

Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2014

This restored Atkinsons tow truck had an old restored caravan with wooden panelled wall behind it. Restored by Bradleys of Formby.

Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2014

Preston Bus outside the North Euston Hotel with Tom Finney destination board and Pharos Lighthouse in the background. A good group was playing outside the hotel with a good sized audience.

Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2014

At Pharos Lighthouse a troup was playing and the Red Rose Barber Shop singers gave a rendition. Bumped into Paul Swarbrick of Blog Preston.

Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2014

K&R Walsh restoration of Manchester brought an interesting Jenson truck with 2 vehicles awaiting restoratioin on the back.

Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2014


Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2013, July 21st

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Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2013 was held on a warm day with quite a bit of cloud. Highlights were the North Euston Hotel that looked good with an old and grand car in front. The trams on display at the lighthouse. Some good buses and trucks and a wide range of cars. Very crowded in the main street and every side street contained funfairs. A Blackpool Heritage Tram Service was running to Thornton Gate near Cleveleys.


Also a walk to Rossall Point where the viewing tower is now open to look over Morecambe Bay, worth a visit..


Blackpool's new trams were running to the edge of the show.

Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2013

The Boat Tram was running to Cleveleys.

Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2013

Decent Leyland bus from Salford.

Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2013

Another Leyland from Darwen.

Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2013

The open top double deck tram was on static display. This was made in Preston.

Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2013

This is a Brush made tram.

Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2013

Pickfords Heavy Lifter. Made by Atkinson's Vehicles of Preston.

Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2013

Atkinson's Vehicles, Preston - Walton Le Dale really.

Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2013

North Euston Hotel looking good. Some nice features in Fleetwood.

Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2013

Atkinsons Vehicles.

Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2013

Fleetwoods other old lighthouse. Fleetwood has 3 lighthouses.

Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2013

The Mount, Fleetwood.

Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2013

The Boating Lake with Rossall Point viewing tower in the distance.

Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2013

Rossall Point viewing tower.

Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2013

The Rossall guard dog jumping for joy.

Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2013

The Rossall guard dog deciding whether to let me in. A silver dog with blue eyes.

Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2013





Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2012, July 15th


On a sunny day headed off to Fleetwood in the knowledge it would be packed, and it was. About a mile of vehicles, stalls, funfairs. A very large karaoke with the worst singer I've ever heard, so bad it was good, maybe that was the idea.


Strangely, as far I could tell there were only 2 trams so Tram Sunday is more a historic name it seems.


Starting with a Preston theme. The two Preston Bus vehicles painted for the Preston Guild 2012 were there.

Preston Guild Bus at Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2012

Then a nice Leyland Tiger. Don't recall seeing one quite like this.

Leyland Tiger at Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2012

John Fishwick and Sons brought 4 buses from Leyland including a brand new one, not photographed. Familiar for over a 100 years to those on the Leyland to Preston bus route.

John Fishwick Bus at Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2012

Smart Darwen Transport Leyland bus. My uncle used to a foreman for Darwen Transport, a great guy, bus in great condition.

Darwen Transport, Leyland Bus at Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2012

Leeds Transport Leyland Bus. Nice profile shape at the front. Good shape to the upstairs windows as well. Wheels as far forward as they can be.

Leeds Transport Leyland Bus at Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2012

Blackpool Balloon Tram, was made in Preston in the 1930's.

Blackpool Balloon Tram made in Preston in the 1930's at Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2012

AEC truck.

Smart AEC truck at Fleetwood Tram Sunday

Ford car.

Ford at Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2012

Crowds on Lord Street, Fleetwood.

Lord Street crowds at Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2012

No collection of Fleetwood photos is complete without a photo of The Mount. It was a nice day with a view over Morecambe Bay to the Pennines and the Lake District. Ships coming out of Heysham. The wind farm on the horizon. Buildings like Lancaster University, Heysham Power Station, BAE Systems at Barrow visible. Fleetwood a town with 3 lighthouses and a decent museum showing off its trawling heritage.

The Mount Fleetwood

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