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Burlingham bodied 'Seagull' coach, Leyland chassis. In Blackpool the coach was synonymous with Blackpool's FA Cup win in 1953 when the team rode along the promenade on the roof of the coach. This design is perhaps the greatest coach styling ever, and certainly of the time. This example is in the British Commercial Vehicle Museum, Leyland.

Burlingham also designed very stylish double decker, known as the Ribble 'White Lady'. Who-ever was their designer was a person with ideas ahead of their time.

The business of H. V. Burlingham Limited, of Blackpool made the 'Seagull' coach in the 1950's. It was taken over in August 1960, by Duple who called it Duple (Northern) from 1962.

In 1968 it became Duple Coachbuilders Limited, then in 1983 after being taken over by Hestair it became Hestair Duple. Hestair owned Dennis.

In 1989 it became Trinity Holdings in a management buy-out who closed the factory selling the jigs to Plaxton. Throughout the 80's competition became very severe and sales gradually reduced.

Huddersfield Passenger Transport Group have a full collection of photographs of the vehicles made by Burlingham.


There is an excellent write up on Wikipedia of Burlingham / Duple that leaves little more to be said.

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