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Leyland bus types

Leyland Bus

The ubiquitous Leyland radiator, phased out as doors moved to the front and then the engine to the back.

Ribble Towing bus

Ribble Towing bus

Darwen Corporation Leyland bus


It is intended to do some research and add some photo's that I've taken myself. The photo's below are 1:76 models.

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Book recommendation: The Leyland Bus by D.Jack published in 1977.

Lion LT5, Tiger TS2, Tiger TS8, Tiger TS11, Royal Tiger 1952, Tiger Cub 1961, Leopard 1959, Panther 1964, Titan TD1 1928

Titan TD5 1942, PD1

PD2, PD3

Atlantean 1958

Some people in 2010 don't believe a bus was called the Gay Hostess. Preston to London with a hostess to serve refreshment.

Olympian 1982

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