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Leyland Eight luxury car (1920)

Below is a link to the website JG Parry-Thomas who was Chief Engineer at Leyland and is credited with designing the Leyland Eight. Scrolling down the website page there is a good article and diagrams of the Leyland Eight from the book Leyland Eight by Hugh Tours.

JGParry-Thomas was a World Land Speed Record holder and fervent racing driver at Brooklands after leaving Leyland. Well worth reading about.

I came upon this story after reading the book 'The Fast Set' by Charles Jennings. Published by ABACUSbooks 2004.

Reid Railton was a prominent motor designer who worked at Leyland with JG Parry-Thomas at the time. Railton moved on to work on Sir Malcolm Campbells Bluebird and John Cobbs cars and speedboats before moving to America.

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References; See page 1 of Leyland History - click here.

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