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BAE Systems/ RR/ Leonardo Tempest

The Tempest was announced at the Farnborough Air Show in July 2018.

Positioned to be the next UK built fighter aircraft, with partners beginning with Rolls Royce, Leonardo of Italy and MBDA missiles. Into service date approximately 2035.

BAE Systems Tempest



Discussion with Sweden and Japan is underway. The French and Germans although partnering their own new project are also potential partners.


In March 2019 it's reported Sweden is warming to a partnership with the UK. The French German partnership has been joined by Spain. Whether German export blockades becomes an issue is a question.


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In July 2020 BAE Systems remain partnered with Leonardo of Italy, MBDA, Rolls Royce. System suppliers include: Bombardier Northern Ireland, GKN, Martin Baker, Qunetiq and the UK businesses of Collins Aeorspace, GE Aviation, Thales.

Sweden has still not confirmed its involvement but Saab is investing heavlly in a UK office.


In October 2020 the target of into service in 2035 remains. The aircraft will be capable of pilot or autonomous flight, controlling a swarm of drones. Pilot displays will be in the pilot's helmet. Rolls Royce are developing materials to withstand higher temperature for higher performance. Around 1800 are currently working on the project in the UK.



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