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the cover of the programme9 July 2006

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The 2006 Leyland Society event was themed on 50 years of the Atlantean. There was a good turn-out of Atlanteans.

It was a cooler and breezier event than last year although the high temperatures of the previous week would probably not have been too good for old vehicles travelling.

A programme was available listing the vehicles on display and containing a short account of each vehicle and who owns it. There are probably copies still available from the Leyland Society, link below.

Owners have brought their vehicles from all over Britain and deserve a thanks for that; as far east as Beverley in Yorkshire (1962 Octopus), Telford in the Midlands (1962 Octopus), north; Fife in Scotland (1981 Atlantean), Southampton in the south (1980 Atlantean), Llandeilo in the west (1948 Tiger PS1) and the oldest vehicle coming over from Wakefield (1932 Bull). Can't be certain they all turned up. There were some vehicles that had sneaked in and weren't in the programme.

Wallasey No.1 Atlantean from 1958 was there from the 201 group of Wallasey. Nice one.

A 1959 Atlantean from the Potteries was planned but I couldn't find it.

1963 Ribble PD3 was there from Anfield, red throughout.

2 buses came from the Wigan Transport Trust in Ormskirk.

1 from the Merseyside Transport Trust who were advertising an event at the museum at St Helens in September.

SELNEC Preservation Trust had a good presence.

A display of new and other lorries from Paccar including a couple of Fodens.

A Scammel and an interloper in the car park from AEC.

A regular bus service was operated from the British Commercial Vehicle Museum in Leyland using Ribble buses and coaches from the Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust, which were in immaculate gleaming condition, fantastic job. There was a London bus and Fishwicks on the run as well.

The RVPT and Leyland Society shared an area selling programmes and merchandise including this years lapel badge. The Ribble Enthusiasts Club had a stand where they sold their own booklets and offered membership.

One of the buses, a 1984 Atlantean is for sale to a good home.

A bit of light comment to go with the pictures, if you can bear with that. I'm interested in the development of the styling, overall layout and materials, and the recollection of the era. Also that something significant came from this small town in central Lancashire, nothing about gearbox ratios and the like.

The line up. On the left 6 Atlanteans. On the right 4 Leyland trucks.

Leyland Beaver, 1950Leyland Lioness Fire Engine, 1931

The boys from the Mersey including Atlantean No.1 and a PD3. Do you think the peaked top on the Atlantean on the right gives it a worried look or have I been sat here too long.

Leyland Steer, 1954

The rear shapes, standard, peaked or square.

Nice wheels as well. Any colour you like, red is great.

Wigan 2, Edinburgh 1. The programme says that the Edinburgh bus is the last remaining short wheelbase prototype B45 Olympian kept at the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum. The Wigan Transport Trust Atlantean on the left being kept in their facility in Ormskirk. The PD2 is kept in the Manchester Museum of Transport.

Swinton v Southdown.

Trucks. I've never been in a truck. Rear view is most familiar, then through a mirror.

By Barton bus to Blackpool.

It's No. 1, it's Top of the Pops.

PS1. Looks kinda cute. If only we all got prettier with age. Green with cream lining and gleaming chrome.

RVPT gleamer. Missed the cream Tiger gleamer.

Ribble single decker to Cleveleys via Poulton

Military. Green. Dull effect. Lot of glass obviously not front line. There may be trouble ahead.

Fishwick and Sons of Leyland town. Green. Did it need a destination board - heading south to Preston or north to Leyland. Perhaps Bamber Bridge, but then a single decker.

Single deckers.

Mustard, grey, brown and blue trucks. Vertical, horizontal radiators. Aah, ooh. Let's not get silly.

Yellow, green, green, red, blue.

Standerwick. Nice window in the roof at the front and double headlamps.

BRS, British Road Services. No nonsense here.

Links to the societies hosting or with stands at the show. You could join or send a contribution, it was a free day unless you shopped a bit or offered a contribution. This site has nothing to do with any of these societies. Hoped you liked it.