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Blackpool Totally Transport 2009

Blackpool Totally Transport Show. South Promenade, Blackpool. Sunday 28th June 2009.

Weather started sunny, muggy and very warm, then clouded. Looked ominous when I left and some places inland were flooded by a sudden downpour in mid-afternoon. Don't know what happened on the promenade.

Here are my photos seemed a good turn-out. Everything buses, lorries, trams, cars, donkeys, fairground rides and a dog. Along with singers and loads of stands selling transport related stuff in the Solarium. Plenty of smoke from a burger barbie, thought a train had turned up as well.

I'll get down to writing up about the photos later.

I get letters saying why these things that are not in Preston. They aren't so far away and there are Leyland built buses and Preston built trams.

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Fishwick of Leyland. Wright bus, alright, of Northern Ireland.

Silver Star, Leyland Cub

Ribble Leyland

Blackpool Leyland

Sheffield Tram

Toast Rack Tram

Dog, attractive growler.


Foden. This is superb to look at. I'd imagine it was expensive to make. Curved glass, curved body and chrome.

Tram Train

Bolton Tram and Big One

Big One, more transport for the brave.


Austin Healey

Oldsmobile (?)


Albion short bus.

AEC Bradford. Nice colour.

Morris 1100 (maybe 1300)








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